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Employing sustainable technologies for environmental conservation, process optimization and a larger bottomline for our clients.


We aspire to build a portfolio of state of the art technologies to further the premise of the circular economy. Our core mission lies in promoting disruptive environmental technologies with a coupled focus on sustainability and project viability.


Our values include Integrity, team building, sustainability, networking and growth.

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Valiant Entech Private Ltd. takes great pride in ensuring that REGAL technology aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). Our commitment to sustainability and responsible environmental practices has been at the core of REGAL’s development. To make RE.G.A.L UN SDG compliant, we conducted extensive research and development, focusing on minimizing environmental impact, conserving resources, and promoting responsible industrial processes. The use of Nanobubbles in our technology significantly reduces the need for chemicals and water in various applications, making it a sustainable choice for all the industries served.


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